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    This website is dedicated to assist people find the computer services that they are looking for. Could be a web design company, proficient web developers, web page design and graphic design studios. Disc duplication services or if you want to look for a web hosting provider, an ISP or networking company? We have presented our South African listings in an easy to read format. People find that making an online purchase of a PC, laptop or computer accessories is a cheaper option so we have also listed these online stores.

  • Web hosting
    Web hosting companies in South Africa. Hosting packages, managed hosting control panels, reliable web hosting service at affordable prices.
  • Computer Networking and support
    If you require Network solutions and networking companies in South Africa. A computer network is a system in which computers are connected to share information and resources. The connection can be done as peer-to-peer or client/server.
  • IT Support PC Repairs
    Having problems with your computer? Need emergency repairs for your software or hardware? Companies need IT support at some time or other find a team of highly skilled computer experts to assist you here...
  • PC & Laptop Sales
    Want a new PC or Laptop find companies on this page for new or refurbished computers.